A Day in the Life of a Letting Agent

Sun 23 Sep 2018

Name: Fiona Doody

Job Title: Accounts Manager

Started at Howland Jones: May 2012

Q: What first attracted you to working within the Lettings Industry?

A: To work for a local company bringing my knowledge of accounts with me to a busy environment.


Q: Can you give a brief overview of your role at Howland Jones?

A: Maintaining our accounting systems and ensuring all processes are accurate, including our office accounts.


Q: What is main aspect of your role that is the most enjoyable?

A: Resolving issues and having a successful and positive outcome for all involved.


Q: What is the first thing you do once you’re sat at your desk in a morning?

A:  Unpack my drawer for my days use of pens, rulers (short and long), calculator, card machine and note pad whilst my computer is warming up, then a morning cuppa!!


Q: What word / words do you find yourself saying most on a day to day basis?

 A: Tara!


 Q: What helps you to deal with rents in a timely manner?

 A: The streamlined process that is in place.


Q: If you had to describe a career within the lettings industry in one word or phrase what would it be?

 A: A life in lettings is like a box of chocolates, every chocolate is different and every day is like unwrapping the wrapper to find out what is inside!



"I have nothing but positive feedback and to date have been massively impressed with the service being provided by the team at HJ, excellent communication and concise timely information provided. During my search in recent weeks, this company have been the stand out Agency to date and am hopeful to use services moving forward. Keep up the good work! With thanks!"
N Cook

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